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Serving the high tech sector, governments, think tanks and research institutes as a neutral provider.

Serving integrated tools covering from technology clearance, patenting, standardization, licensing, litigation as well as fundamental science and national security and technological supremacy analyses[sample publications]

Domain-specific GPT, sample prompts and resultsnew   3GPP Meeting Tracker & GPT Annotatornew   tdocGPTnew   tstrGPTnew   wifi6GPTnew   codecGPTnew   validityGPTnew   paperGPTnew   ieee802GPT (IEEE 802.x standard proposals)new   semiconGPT (semiconductor standards)new  

Domain-specific GPT SaaS Product Matrixnew   GPT Prompting & Refinement Expert Guide (Strategic) new   GPT Prompting & Refinement Expert Guide (Technical) new   GPT Prompting & Refinement Expert Guide (Philosophical) new   SaaS Product Matrix   Government & Corporate Service Matrix   Decoding Document Heterogeneity   Hierarchical Keyword Construction

Knowledge Graph & Claim Construction to Inform IPR Strategies   Historical Reconstruction & Systematic Bridging for SEPs, CRs and TS Section Clauses

US 10,484,915 - Two Failed IPR Attempts: Samsung v Ericsson & Apple v Ericssonnew EP3167669B1 - Oppo v Nokia: Standard Documents as Prior Art & Implications for Inventive Step Assessmentnew

The Whole Picture

▪ Covering the world's major industries
▪ Covering each industry's critical standards
▪ Efficient identification of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
▪ Automatic cross referencing of multi-standard SEPs
▪ Horizontal market segment SEP landscaping
▪ Automatic cross referencing of multi-industry SEPs
▪ Vertical market segment SEP landscaping
▪ Effective innovation ROI analysis and R&D strategy enhancements
Essentiality Approximation v Expert Evaluationnew

Standardization & Standards Search

▪ Systematic tracking of standardization proposals / full text search
▪ Document Control Number (DCN) indexing and updated statuses
▪ Standard source & technical interests tracking by company
▪ User friendly search interfaces
▪ Easy comparison amongst company views and positions
▪ Easy comparison of progress across different Working Groups
▪ Easy comparison between evolving/ongoing and released/published standards
▪ Cross referencing between IEEE 802.11 proposals v. 3GPP ongoing TDocs and published standards

Next Generation IPR-SWOT Analysis

▪ Direct insight into IP Assets' selection process
▪ International IP transaction/licensing strategies
▪ Standard essentiality evaluation: TS, IEEE, HEVC/AVC, JEDEC, GS1
▪ Claim validity due diligence off of patent and non-patent prior arts
▪ Multilingual:           
▪ Quickly uncover strengths and weaknesses of an IP portfolio
▪ Strategize better and faster
Examples  Mandatory/Optional Featuresnew  Hierarchical Keyword Constructionnew
Unified Patents Anti-Troll
Comparative Claim Constructionnew

TDoc Search & Disclose Strategic Interests

▪ Track TDoc contributions which will lead to the next TR/TS
▪ TDoc data organized in a visual, sensible, simple way - your way
▪ TDoc relations revealed - Understand and be understood better
▪ Historical re-construction of technology trajectory
▪ Beyond data points: is the TDoc a small tinker or part of a broader move?
▪ A complete picture across time: by topic, company, industry or country
▪ Two-minute introduction video:             
Insight  Versatility  National Security  UAS  RAN3  Optis v Apple  Two Failed IPR Attempts: Samsung v Ericsson & Apple v Ericsson 

TS/TR Direct Section Search

▪ Standard Essentiality Discovery and Validation
▪ Essentiality Declaration: Confidently, Accurately and Timely
▪ Evidence for "Illustrative Specific Part of the Standard (e.g. Section)"
▪ Feature Maturity and Continuity, Version Control
▪ Elucidate Complex Claim-Section, Patent-TS and TS-TS Relations
▪ Verify Essentiality Declaration Completeness & Super SEP
▪ Invention Disclosure and Contextualized Analysis
Analysis platform 
(TS, Version, Section Clause) to (TS, Version, Section Clause) Reference Network Visualization 

Integrated SEP Analysis Platform

▪ Connects patents, TDoc, TS and relevant Sections
▪ Track the SEP Landscape covering both the “Declared & Undeclared” patents globally
▪ Know who were pushing certain standards and who gained IP protection
▪ Uncover standard essential patents' declaration history
▪ Filter by SEP Declaration, Priority, Filing, Publication and Issue Dates
▪ Evaluate company & inventor positions, legal status across jurisdictions, relevant TS and TDocs

Bridging Negotiation Details

▪ Uncover important negotiation details, reasoning and thinking processes behind strategic positions or interests different companies take behind written-up TDocs

Screenshot  Email Reflector Analysis 
Email Reflector, TDoc, TS, SEP Reference Network Analysis 

Client Success

Our analyses are backed by data. We provide integrated strategy formulation covering from patenting, standardization, declaration to licensing and litigation.

▪ Assisted telecom companies, infrastructure providers and user-device manufacturers covering R&D intelligence, IPR strategies, and short/long-term ROI analysis
▪ Assisted universities and research institutes to communicate value of IP and identify out-licensing, commercialization opportunities
▪ Assisted government agencies over 5G+/6G-race analysis, impact analysis, competitive analysis, as well as national interest, national security analysis
▪ Selected national security and strategy publications: 3GPP Delegation   3GPP Email Reflectors   3GPP Strategies and Situational Awarenes   UAS Standardization   Semiconductor Chiplet Standards   Advanced Semiconductor Military Applications   Passive Optical Networks   New Global Standardization Landscape   Wifi-6 Commercial Lnadscape   Telecom Fundamental Science Trends




A neutral entity offering only data-backed analysis and fact-based reporting


We serve the high tech sector, government agencies and research institutes.
Yes, we take client confidentiality and security very seriously.

Structured Knowledge

Easy-to-use analysis platforms and easy-to-understand results

Immediate Insight

Aggregated and disaggregated insights made accessible in one place


Major jurisdiction coverage: EN (US+EP+WIPO), 中文, 日本語, 한국어


5G+/6G/IoT, Advanced Semiconductors, Wifi-5/6/7, Passive Optical Network, Defense, Airspace, Non-Terrestrial Network (Satellites), Mission Critical Applications

We deliver for our clients.

We are a team of passionate professionals including patent attorneys, standardization experts, former 3GPP delegates as well as software developers. We provide easy-to-use analysis platforms and solve some of the hardest problems cross-industry and internationally.

  • 5G+/6G Analysis

  • 3GPP Technical Specification (TS) standards

  • HEVC/AVC Codec Standards

  • IEEE Standards

  • JEDEC Semiconductor Memory Standards

  • GS1 GTIN, IoT, Identification, Verifcation, Transaction Standards

  • R&D Intelligence

  • Standard Essential Patents / Essentiality Investigation & Claim Charting

  • Patent Validity Investigation & Claim Charting

  • IPR Management

  • International IP Transaction/Licensing Strategies