Apex Standards—Driving Profound Analysis behind 3GPP 5G+/6G, IEEE 802 Wi-Fi 6/7 and Semiconductors

Serving the high tech sector, governments, think tanks and research institutes as a neutral provider.

Serving integrated tools covering from technology clearance, patenting, standardization, licensing, litigation as well as fundamental science and national security and technological supremacy analyses.

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3GPP TDoc Analysis Platform   ETSI TS/TR Analysis Platform   IETF Analysis Platform   IEEE 802 Analysis Platform   Open RAN Analysis Platform   GSMA Analysis Platform   Cybersecurity Analysis Platform  

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The Whole Picture

▪ Covering the world's major industries
▪ Covering each industry's critical standards
▪ Efficient identification of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
▪ Automatic cross referencing of multi-standard SEPs
▪ Horizontal market segment SEP landscaping
▪ Automatic cross referencing of multi-industry SEPs
▪ Vertical market segment SEP landscaping
▪ Effective innovation ROI analysis and R&D strategy enhancements
Essentiality Approximation v Expert Evaluationnew

Standardization & Standards Search

▪ Systematic tracking of all IEEE 802 standardization proposals / full text search
▪ Document Control Number (DCN) indexing and updated statuses
▪ Standard source & technical interests tracking by company
▪ IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi 6/7 standardization insights
▪ Easy comparison amongst company views and positions
▪ Easy comparison of progress across different Working Groups
▪ Easy comparison between evolving/ongoing and released/published standards
▪ Cross referencing between IEEE 802.11 proposals v. 3GPP ongoing TDocs and published standards

Next Generation IPR-SWOT Analysis

▪ Direct insight into IP Assets' selection process
▪ International IP transaction/licensing strategies
▪ Standard essentiality evaluation: TS, IEEE, HEVC/AVC, JEDEC, GS1
▪ Claim validity due diligence off of patent and non-patent prior arts
▪ Multilingual:           
▪ Quickly uncover strengths and weaknesses of an IP portfolio
▪ Strategize better and faster
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Unified Patents Anti-Troll
Comparative Claim Constructionnew

TDoc Search & Disclose Strategic Interests

▪ Track TDoc contributions which will lead to the next TR/TS
▪ TDoc data organized in a visual, sensible, simple way - your way
▪ TDoc relations revealed - Understand and be understood better
▪ Historical re-construction of technology trajectory
▪ Beyond data points: is the TDoc a small tinker or part of a broader move?
▪ A complete picture across time: by topic, company, industry or country
▪ Two-minute introduction video:             
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TS/TR Direct Section Search & Essentiality Anchoring

▪ Standard Essentiality Discovery and Validation
▪ Essentiality Declaration: Confidently, Accurately and Timely
▪ Evidence for "Illustrative Specific Part of the Standard (e.g. Section)"
▪ Feature Maturity and Continuity, Version Control
▪ Elucidate Complex Claim-Section, Patent-TS and TS-TS Relations
▪ Verify Essentiality Declaration Completeness & Super SEP
▪ Invention Disclosure and Contextualized Analysis
Analysis platform 
(TS, Version, Section Clause) to (TS, Version, Section Clause) Reference Network Visualization 

Integrated SEP Analysis Platform

▪ Connects patents, TDoc, TS and relevant Sections
▪ Track the SEP Landscape covering both the “Declared & Undeclared” patents globally
▪ Know who were pushing certain standards and who gained IP protection
▪ Uncover standard essential patents' declaration history
▪ Filter by SEP Declaration, Priority, Filing, Publication and Issue Dates
▪ Evaluate company & inventor positions, legal status across jurisdictions, relevant TS and TDocs

Bridging Negotiation Details

▪ Uncover important negotiation details, reasoning and thinking processes behind strategic positions or interests different companies take behind written-up TDocs

Screenshot  Email Reflector Analysis 
Email Reflector, TDoc, TS, SEP Reference Network Analysis 

IETF Internet Standard Analysis

▪ In-depth analysis for sophisticated professional groups
▪ Systematic inter-linking among Internet Draft (ID), Internet Standard (STD), Request for Comment (RFC), Best Current Practice (BCP), Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), and Version Tracking
▪ Navigate emerging tech contributions and impacts
▪ Comprehensive IETF standardization repository
▪ Insights into various organizations' standardization influences
▪ Facilitates standards cross-referencing and inter-SDO liaisons

GPT AI-Assisted Analysis Through Question Answering

▪ Encompassing High-Tech Standards: 3GPP, Open RAN, IEEE, Wi-Fi, GSMA, NGMN, IETF, JVET-JCTVC-MPEG, Automotive, 5GAA, IoT, UAS, Semiconductor
▪ Core Analysis and Foundational Insights
▪ Interoperability: Horizontal Synergy & Vertical Integration
▪ Technical Audits, Patent Investigations, and Market Dynamics
▪ Controllable Innovation and Explainable Investment Acumen
▪ Fact Sheet: 3gpp-tdpc-gpt, etsi-ts-tr-gpt, wifi-6-gpt, codec-gpt, claim-validity-gpt, paper-gpt
▪ Expert Guide: Strategic, Technical, Philosophical, Rational

Client Success

Our analyses are backed by data. We provide integrated strategy formulation covering from patenting, standardization, declaration to licensing and litigation.

▪ Assisted telecom companies, infrastructure providers and user-device manufacturers covering R&D intelligence, IPR strategies, and short/long-term ROI analysis
▪ Assisted universities and research institutes to communicate value of IP and identify out-licensing, commercialization opportunities
▪ Assisted government agencies over 5G+/6G-race analysis, impact analysis, competitive analysis, as well as national interest, national security analysis
▪ Selected national security and strategy publications: 3GPP Delegation   3GPP Email Reflectors   3GPP Strategies and Situational Awarenes   UAS Standardization   Semiconductor Chiplet Standards   Advanced Semiconductor Military Applications   Passive Optical Networks   New Global Standardization Landscape   Wi-Fi 6 Commercial Lnadscape   Telecom Fundamental Science Trends




A neutral entity offering only data-backed analysis and fact-based reporting


We serve the high tech sector, government agencies and research institutes.
Yes, we take client confidentiality and security very seriously.

Structured Knowledge

Easy-to-use analysis platforms and easy-to-understand results

Immediate Insight

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Major jurisdiction coverage: EN (US+EP+WIPO), 中文, 日本語, 한국어


5G+/6G/IoT, Advanced Semiconductors, Wi-Fi 5/6/7, Passive Optical Network, Defense, Airspace, Non-Terrestrial Network (Satellites), Mission Critical Applications

We deliver for our clients.

We are a team of passionate professionals including patent attorneys, standardization experts, former 3GPP delegates as well as software developers. We provide easy-to-use analysis platforms and solve some of the hardest problems cross-industry and internationally.

  • 5G+/6G Analysis

  • 3GPP Technical Specification (TS) standards

  • HEVC/AVC Codec Standards

  • IEEE Standards

  • JEDEC Semiconductor Memory Standards

  • GS1 GTIN, IoT, Identification, Verifcation, Transaction Standards

  • R&D Intelligence

  • Standard Essential Patents / Essentiality Investigation & Claim Charting

  • Patent Validity Investigation & Claim Charting

  • IPR Management

  • International IP Transaction/Licensing Strategies